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Welcome on website of the project Platform for Inclusion, Culture and Sport Erasmus Plus Sport – Small Collaborative Partnerships



In the last years, European and international organizations have been deeply worked to describe the capabilities of sport as a tool to promote social changes and to encourage its use to achieve social developments. Yet, many improvements still need to be done. The main objective of the project consists in promoting voluntary activities in sport, together with social inclusion, equal opportunities and awareness of the importance of health-enhancing physical activity through increased participation in, and equal access to, sport for all. In particular, the project aspires to achieve the following objectives:· to increase the knowledge of participants about the concept of sport as a means to bring social developments;· to encourage the exchange of good practices among the organizations involved;· to raise awareness of the benefits of sport practice and physical activity;· to teach participants how requalifying abandoned spaces; · to improve the cooperation and partnership among organizations and institutions involved in the project. Four main activities (a kick off meeting, two training courses and a conclusive ceremony)will be organized to achieve the above mentioned objectives.The innovative aspects of the following project consist in the decision to offer participants the most comprehensive vision of the concept of sport. Besides, in this project, the EU added value will be created by promoting best practices in all participating Member States, by the free movement of persons involved in the project and by networking.Dissemination plan and measures will see the use of different instruments, in particular through internet and social networks, because that instruments give a lot of possibilities to arrive to the biggest audience.


VIA VENEZIA 129 – 36015 SCHIO, Veneto
Organisation type: Sport club
In 2008, a group of young people from Schio (VI), passionated about freeestyle disciplines, founded the amateur sports association “Krap A.S.D.” with the aim to group lovers of freestyle disciplines as Skateboard, Parkour, BikeTrial, Brake-dance. KRAP Association organizes courses of freestyle disciplines and implements events and initiatives to spread those disciplines all over the country.  In 2010, following the proposal of Valentino Di Lauro (President of Krap A.S.D.), the association decided to rent an industrial warehouse of 1,100 m2 situated in the industrial area of Santorso. It was called “KRAPANNONE” and it is today the headquarters of the association and the area where freestyle courses take place. It is the first example of an indoor freestyle gym in Europe, capable of grouping freestyle lovers from all over the world. All structures needed for the implementation of the activities were built by members of the association. From 2013, lovers of freestyle sports can also buy online gadget and sportswear (
Due to the great success obtained by the organization of freestyle sports events, as Krap Invaders and the Parkout Space at international fairs, by the capabilities of building and renting equipments and spaces for the activity of freestyle disciplines, and by the clothing brand, in 2013, the president Valentino di Vauro, decided to found a new entrepreneurial activity, called “Krap International S.r.l.”.
Besides, Krap International S.r.l. has a great social media presence:
Fan Page facebook: (nearly 40.000 likes)
YouTube Channel: (nearly 33.000 members)
Instagram Profile: 25.000 followers)


Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Is a Romanian NGO, having educational, cultural, and sportive projects as the main activity for youth and children. In the last 4 years we gained relevant activities and experience to non-formal education, coaching, self-expression, simulation games, peer to peer, learning by doing and experimental learning in the field of young people .
Main projects as youth workers and facilitators were implemented through organizing educational, cultural, and sportive activities in Romania, UK, Spain, Belgium, Japan implying Romanian children and youth. Projects e.g.: “Nobel for Romania”(Berkshire, UK & Brussels, Belgium); ImaginaRo (Tokyo, Japan);
Children’s Day (Romanian National Television) TV dissemination , Summer school in the Romania countryside (3 editions already implemented in last 3 years); Friendly Debates for High–School students (event in Bucharest with more than 100 participants) – more details on our website & (the site in English will be launch before end of February). The key staffs have strong experience in previous Lifelong Learning Programme.
R.Q. GEO MILEV, 3, VENERA STR 36 1111 SOFIA Bulgaria
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Was founded in 2010 and is a nonprofit public benefit organization devoted to the development of Bulgarian sport and improving sporting culture in Bulgaria.
Our team is young, creative and full of innovative spirit that works for development of Bulgarian sport and enhance the sport culture in Bulgaria with a desire and motivation. BSDA membership is voluntary and the association involve both physical and legal persons who are willing to help sport development with time, ideas, effort or financial support. We also organize different events in the areas of: entrepreneurship, citizenship and active society. The team of the organization consists of professionals from different fields as: sport experts, media specialists, tourism and hospitality, education, marketing and others.
We believe that sport should be part of a modern life of children and young people and should create in them values such as motivation, discipline, fair play. Sport is also be a excellent way to prevent many of the problems with young people such as social exclusion, violence, crime and addictions.
Our main goals are:
Sustainable development of physical education and sport in Bulgaria; 2. Develop different strategies and programs for sport tourism. 3. Development, application, implementation and coordination of national, municipal, government, European, international and other projects and programs for development of sport, sports facilities and physical education; 4. Improving the health, physical condition and sports culture of the nation, concerning youth problems as a priority; 5. Optimization and mobilizing human and material potential in sport and personal development; 6. Creating an enabling environment for sustainable and efficient management and entrepreneurship in sport and tourism; 7. Development of education in physical culture and sport and through sport, and informal continuing education in the field of sport, professional development, business and entrepreneurship; 8. Protection of children, youth, professional athletes, coaches, sports figures and sports organizations; 9. Develop, Stimulate entrepreneurship and personal development of the youngsters; 10. Development of prevention through sport.
Full member of ISCA – International sport and culture association.
GUSTAVA KRKLECA 9 10430 SAMOBOR Zagrebačka Croazia
Organisation type: Non-governmental organisation/association/social enterprise
Was founded in 2015 with the aims of: promotion of civil society and human rights protection, especially to children and youth with a focus on sports and activities related to sports and sports education; raising awareness of young people and to promote the values ​​of a society of equal opportunity for all citizens, especially the promotion of gender equality, affirming the rights and integration into society of persons with disabilities and to combat all forms of violence, especially gender-based violence and all forms of social exclusion, discrimination and stereotypes; raising awareness of young people and promoting quality of life through the promotion of sports in the lives of young people and the quality of spending leisure time, commitment to ecology and sustainable development and the fight against all forms of addiction and doping; Non-formal education and employment of young people and marginalized groups,; promotion of health for marginal / vulnerable groups; promoting the rights of persons with disabilities and other marginalized / vulnerable groups; networking with existing civil society organizations at local, regional, national and international level, to work on common goals; Eecouraging, coordinating and organizing sporting and other events, the preservation of cultural heritage and development of amateur sport and civil society; prevention of violence, delinquency and other forms of unacceptable behavior of children and young people by conducting sports activities and workshops; organizing ecological and recreational camps and trips to the nature in which will be the environmental, recreational, creative and other group activities to implement prevention programs with young people.


Lifelong Learning Supporting Association was established in Düzce in 2013 and operates in the country and abroad. The Association prepares and conducts all kinds of social, educational, cultural and professional projects and activities that will ensure the active participation of individuals of all ages and cooperates with other institutions and organizations in these fields.
Support for Life Long Learning Organization has very experienced staff in it. There are 17 active members and 53 volunteers who are working for the NGO. NGO aims to do social, educational, cultural and vocational projects and activities in which people in all ages can take part actively in it.
NGO has good relations not only with the authorities in Düzce province but also with organizations in all Europea. We have a network of the organizations who works for youth.
One of the main aim of the NGO is to create bridges between countries and nations to contribute better Europa. To contribute this aim, NGO is preparing some projects on cultural diversity, integration, involvement of disadvantaged people. It is aimed to create relationships with individuals and organizations. To achieve this aim following activities are aimed to conduct:
-Organizing courses and seminars for inclusion of young people especially disadvantaged ones.
-Cooperation with authorities and organizations for solving problems of young people.
-Organizing events for diadvantaged people.
– Organizing international activities and projects to contribute European Citizenship.
We developed many initiatives and projects under the National Programme for Youth. We have participated different kind of projects – involvement of creative thinking in schools, Social inclusion, Active citizenship, entrepreneurship, sport and health, Intercultural Dialogue, disability, Youth empowerment etc. We would like to expand our experience in Erasms+ projects for youth workers and also benefit from other partners’ experiences and knowledge.


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