Urban Life – Workshop 2 Italy 7-10 February 2020

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Time has arrived for the 3rd meeting of Urban Life project 603106 cofunded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union, finally in Italy for 2 days of activity and a public conference.

The meeting was held in an agritourism in the mountains nearby Schio

In the morining each group shared a research about number and characteristics of abandoned sports playgrounds in their local context, we discovered the differences and peculiarities that each country has.

The afternoon was dedicated to the public conference in the nearby city


The second day of activities, inspired by the great talks of the day before during the conference, was dedicated to study which are procedures for trying to recover that places, or converting abandoned places according to local rules, in particular about possibilities for non-profit organisation and groups work about finding common solutions across the different countries

We have also developed a map with some of the abandoned places of each city were of the participants

After the activities were done, we had a group hike fo 7km to the top of the Monte Summano 1296mt
This was a great chance to spent time together and make some sport.

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