Italian Workshop 14-19 February

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Workshop “Fee style and Urban sport” Italia, 14/19 of February 2019

In February the 14th will start out second implementation meeting in Schio, Italy.

Number of participants for each organization:
– Krap ASD, ITALY (5 participants)
– Bulgarian partner, BULGARIA (4)
– Udruga Sport VIV, CROATIA (2)
– Asociatia “Liber la Educatie, Cultura si Sport”, ROMANIA (2)
– Canakkale Youth Services and Sports Provincial Directorate, TURKEY (2)

Participant profile: Youth workers and coaches, experts in sports and social inclusion, aficionados of urban and freestyle sports and of youth educators, NGOs leaders.

Main topics to discuss while the meeting:
– How to promote social inclusion through sport. Discussion and new ideas
– Sports and Sustainable development goals: the role of the Ngo
– How to organize and manage local events

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